With enthusiasm and collective consensus, HungHau Distribution is determined to pursue our mission goals, they are:

  • Develope the distribution network throughout the country
  • Maintain and manage activities with the sustainable development goals
  • Provide products and services of high quality, reasonable price and outstanding benefits for the customers

Bring the best benefits to all customers, partners and employees of HungHau Distribution


  • We are proud of and inherit the good corporate culture values ​​of HungHau Holdings, which is the corporate culture of identity and individuality, towards professionalism. Hung Hau culture is characterized by humanity, affection, discipline; is built and cultivated with the wisdom and creativity of the collective manager, staff.
  • Values ​​in HungHau Distribution are received, preserved, built and promoted by the generations over time, considered as a valuable asset.

Core values

  • Get quality products, services as the foundation
  • Professionalism as a measure of value
  • Customers focus – for customers
  • Community focus – sharing sustainable values ​​for the community
  • Build a team of enthusiastic staff, and constantly learning, improving themselves.


  • In the field of fuel distribution, we strive to be a clue businessman as well as become a supplier of suitable products and services to meet the demand of fuel sources in the Southern market.
  • In the field of distribution of domestic goods, we strive to become a company supplying high quality products processed from agricultural – aquatic, for the health of Vietnamese consumers.